50 Ton ~150 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller For Cooling Industry

1. Employing all new imported compressor, with longer terms of service.
2. High efficiency evaporator and cooling condenser in use, to help save no less than 30% of your power rates.
3. High precision, temperature control to save energy.

4. Complete with safety protection and error indication system.

  • Mgreenbelt
  • Shandong,China
  • 15 working days
  • 500 unit/year
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Products Description

The water-cooled screw unit needs to be connected with a cooling tower for rapid cooling and sufficient cooling capacity.

Features of screw water cooling unit:

1. Compressor high and low pressure protection, internal overheating protection
2. Low water flow alarm device; Low water temperature antifreeze alarm
3. Imported compressors from Europe, America and Japan are adopted
4. The welding interface of refrigeration system adopts oxygen free welding method to reduce oxide and make the surface smooth

5. The throttling part adopts Danvers

6. Stainless steel plate type, coil type, shell and tube type and fin type high-efficiency heat exchangers are adopted

7. RS485 communication function to realize automatic management (optional)150 ton chiller


Screw Water Cooling Chiller(Single Unit)Series
ControlThermostatic expansion valve
ComperssorTypeSemi-closed screw type
kw Power2332394254586573
 Evaporator TypeHigh efficiency copper tube shell and tube type
Flow m³/h 15.821.628.130.337.540.548.056.2
Condenser TypeHigh efficiency threaded copper tube shell and tube type
Flow m³/h 21.729.838.341.351.555.465.175.6
Protection SystemCompressor overheat protection, high/low pressure protection,phase missing/sequence protection, flow rate protection, anti-frozen protection.

Customer case

150 Ton Screw Chiller

Installation diagram

Screw Chiller

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