Chilling Equipment 200kw 300kw Water Cooling System Air Cooled Water Chiller

1. Strong adaptability: there is no need to install cooling tower, cooling water pump and other equipment, which is suitable for areas with lack of water resources and poor water quality;

2. Simple installation: convenient installation and short project cycle;

3. Space saving: it can be installed on the roof, roof and other open places without special machine room;

4. Intelligent control: fully automatic computer control, without manual monitoring, can realize remote or centralized management and save management cost

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  • 15 working days
  • 500 unit/year
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Products Description

cooling system chiller

Electric control system: Bangpu microcomputer integrated temperature digital display controller realizes automatic control, and the temperature is controlled and adjustable to meet the needs of different users;

Protection system: high and low voltage protection, waterproof and heat protection (double), safety valve, overload protection, under phase, reverse phase, under voltage, overvoltage, water flow protection and other multiple protection to ensure safe operation of the unit;

Auxiliary device: built in stainless steel water pump and water tank.

300KW Chiller


Cooling CapacityUSRT22.231.040.443.557.772.286.7
ControlThermostatic expansion valve
ComperssorTypesemi-closed screw type
kw  Power28374651667994
EvaporatorType High efficiency copper tube shell and tube type
m³/h Flow13192426354452
Condenser Type efficiency hydrophilic aluminum foll finned type
m³/h Flow3000040000500006000080000100000120000
Protection SystemCompressor overheat protection, high/low pressure protection,phase missing/sequence protection, flow rate protection, anti-frozen protection.
    weightkg 1800190023002480320038003300

Customer case

Water Cooling System

Installation diagram

cooling system chiller

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