Cold Room Hinge Door With Door Frame

All kinds of warehouse doors are available in stainless steel series, color steel plate series and knurled aluminum plate series. Complete sizes, special specifications can be customized.

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Cold Room Hinge Door With Door Frame

hinge door

Cold Room Door introduction:

Mgreenbelt company, cold room door is made of polyurethane insulation board, because it not only has great strength, but also has a good thermal insulation effect. Common types of cold storage doors: manual sliding doors, electric sliding doors, vertical lift doors, hinged doors, free doors, return doors, etc.

Features of Cold Room Door:

According to the door opening power, it can be divided into manual or electric. According to the door opening mode, it can be divided into hinged and flat moving. According to the number of door panels, it can be divided into single door and double door. According to the position relative to the warehouse body after the door panel is closed

It can be divided into full buried (regression) type and semi buried type.

Users can choose according to their own use requirements and preferences.


Door surface materialStainless steel/galvanized steel/embossed aluminum.

Door type

Sliding door, hinged door, free door, return door, etc.

Surface material thickness0.5/0.6/0.8mm.
Panel thickness100/150mm polyurethane panel.
ColorsWhite, metallic grey.

Sample of Cold Room Door:

                                         Sliding door:                                                                 Hinged door:

Stainless Steel Hinge DoorHinge Door With Door Frame

                                                                 PU panal:

hinge doorStainless Steel Hinge Door

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hinge door

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