Walk In Freezer For Meat / Chicken / Seafood

Mgreenbelt is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production, processing and installation of cold storage boards, cold storage installation and cold storage equipment. It is widely used in livestock slaughtering and aquatic processing enterprises, ocean transportation ships, large and medium-sized supermarkets, environmental testing and high and low temperature laboratories, hotels, factories, schools, etc. The size of the cold storage is not specified. It is designed and produced according to the customer's site. The price of the cold storage is determined according to the configuration.

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Walk In Freezer For Meat / Chicken / Seafood

walk in freezer

Cold Room introduction:

Whether you are looking for Walk-in freezer, refrigeration condensing units, insulation panels, evaporator air coolers, MGREENBELT is the go- to professional manufacturer.

Mgreenbelt walk-in freezer, typical temperatures for our cold room range from of -30°C to -10°C. It can store frozen meat, fish, seafood, chicken, ice cream etc. Walk-in freezer is staples of logistics warehouse, restaurants, farms, hotels, supermarkets facilities.

Freezer Room Features:

1. Provide professional design services and undertake the design and installation of various non-standard refrigeration systems

2. Advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control system ensure the high quality, high stability and durability of products

3. There are Condensing Unit and Unit Cooler refrigeration devices. Different models of temperatures can be selected according to different cold storage.

4. Fast installation.  

5. Hygienic conditions of food inside cold stores are up to the standards. 

6. Durable building structure, super quality material.



Compressor model

Old 2GC2.2Y2EC3.2Y2CC4.2Y4FC5.2Y4EC6.2Y4DC7.2Y4CC9.2Y4VCS10.2Y4TCS12.2Y4PCS15.2Y4NCS20.2Y
Cooling capacity/
Cooling capacity(kW)4.617.3810.8811.814.8217.3521.622.727.431.337.4
Power (kW)1.882.663.944.245.366.217.857.779.5410.8512.89
Cooling capacity(kW)3.786.058.979.6712.1214.2117.718.3522.325.330.4
Power (kW)1.752.473.663.975.0
Applicable temperature(℃)-5~5 
Power supply380V/3P/50Hz
CondenserFan quantity12222222444
Fan voltage(V)380380380380380380380380380380380
Fan power(W)180×1180×2180×2180×2180×2250×2250×2250x2180x4180×4180×4
CouplingSuction coupling(mm)φ16φ22φ22φ22φ28φ28φ28φ28φ35φ35φ42
Tube coupling(mm)φ10φ12φ12φ12φ12φ16φ16φ16φ16φ22φ22
Overall dimensionsL(mm)620960106013001300130012801280128012801350
Mounting dimensions(LxW) (mm)580×350920x380920×3801260x4101260x4101260x4101000x6651000x6651000x6651000×7051000x755

Product picture:

Walk In Freezer For Meat

Walk In Freezer For Chicken

walk in freezer

Walk In Freezer For MeatWalk In Freezer For Chicken

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